Don't expect Hogwarts Legacy or Gotham Knights at E3 2021

Hogwarts Legacy
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Those hoping to get a closer look at Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights or Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League at E3 2021 are going to be sorely disappointed, as Warner Bros. has confirmed that none of these titles will feature at the publisher's E3 conference.

A Warner Bros. spokesperson clarified to TechRadar that only Back 4 Blood will be shown during the Warner Bros. E3 2021 conference, which is due to take place on June 13 (at a currently unspecified time). The Summer Game Fest Twitter account has also confirmed that the presentation will only feature Back 4 Blood.

We already know we won't get getting our hands on Hogwarts Legacy, Suicide Squad or Gotham Knights in 2021, with all three titles set to release in 2022 following the delay of Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights.

But that's not to say we won't see them

Gotham Knights

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

While we know we won't be seeing these three titles during Warner Bros.' E3 2021 conference, that's not to say we won't see them at all during the game announcement season. 

It's possible that we may see these upcoming games appear during another E3 or Summer Game Fest event, such as the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live! showcase on June 10. While 2022 release dates are still a while away, we still haven't seen a whole lot about Suicide Squad or Hogwarts Legacy so a more in-depth trailer during Geoff Keighley's showcase would certainly go down a treat for Harry Potter and DC fans.

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