DJI Pocket 2 gets iPod-style makeover in new vlogging-friendly bundle

DJI Pocket vlogging camera in new Sunset White bundle
(Image credit: DJI)

If you've been more keen on the DJI Pocket 2's vlogging talents than its somewhat utilitarian black paint job, then DJI has a new bundle to tempt you called the Sunset White Combo.

The new white version of the little 4K camera, which has a three-axis gimbal to help you shoot super-smooth videos, sits in between its basic bundle and Creator Combo pack, both of which are only available in the 'Classic Black' colorway. 

Instead, the DJI Pocket 2 Sunset White combo gives you many of the same accessories as the Creator Combo, plus a fancy white paint job that makes it look a bit like the sibling of an early 2000s iPod.

So what accessories do you get in the Sunset White combo? Alongside the DJI Pocket 2, which is one of the best vlogging cameras you can buy, you get a mini control stick (for more tactile control of the gimbal's direction), a protective cover, the useful Do-It-All Handle, some smartphone adapters, a wrist strap and a sling strap. The only downside is that you don't get the wireless microphone transmitter included in the Creator Combo.

While the new color doesn't immediately bring sunsets to mind, DJI says it contains hues of pink and purple with crystal white. It certainly looks a little more light-hearted than the standard black version, and perhaps slightly less like a optician's ophthalmoscope, too.

But the camera itself is also identical to the original version, which arrived in October 2020 and has been steadily upgraded with firmware updates. DJI says the latest Pocket 2 firmware brings enhancements to its autofocus and tracking, plus the addition of HDR video, and all of these features will be present on the Pocket 2's Sunset White Combo version.

The new version's pricing also sits in between the standard bundle and Creator Combo one. You can buy it today for $439 / £399 / AU$699, which is decent value when you consider that the Do-It-All handle (an accessory that brings a wireless mic receiver and tripod mount) costs $99 / £95 / $AU159 on its own. 

DJI Pocket vlogging camera in new Sunset White bundle

The full range of accessories that you get in the DJI Pocket 2 Sunset White Combo; a Mini Control Stick, Cover, Do-It-All Handle, Smartphone Adapters, Power Cable, Wrist Strap and a Sling Strap. (Image credit: DJI)

Sunset chasing

While the DJI Pocket 2's Sunset White Combo is nothing more than a new paint job and accessory bundle, it's likely to be a popular choice among vloggers and YouTubers looking to create pro-looking camera moves on a limited budget.

The real charm of the Pocket 2 is its ability to create super-smooth panning shots and also automatically follow you around a scene thanks to its excellent subject-tracking. Neither of these things are possible with a smartphone, yet the Pocket 2 is also cheaper and far more portable than a mirrorless camera.

It's a particularly good choice for solo filmmakers, but those who want their sound quality to match their visuals will still likely want to plump for the Creator Combo. Despite costing more than the Sunset White Combo at $499 / £469 / AU$799 (and also lacking that fancy new color), it includes a wireless microphone transmitter and windscreen, alongside a wide-angle lens and micro tripod.

DJI's microphone offers good value in comparison third-party alternatives like the Rode Wireless Go. That said, the Pocket 2's four built-in microphones mean its out-of-the-box audio quality is a step up from the original DJI Osmo Pocket. If you're not sure whether or not you need an external mic, you could always get the new Sunset White Combo and buy the wireless microphone transmitter later when you're ready to step up.

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