Find Snapchat filters created by anyone using Lens Explorer

Lens Explorer

Sticking a filter on your next Snap will be, well, a snap as you will have thousands more to choose from in the new Lens Explorer tab.

The newly announced Lens Explorer gives Snapchat users access to filters created by other Snapchatters, going beyond the cat ears and flower crowns generated by Snap itself. 

To access Lens Explorer, tap the new icon in the Lens Carousel when it's visible to you. Tap on a Lens tile to "unlock" a Lens (way to gamify the process there, Snap). 

Then, you'll either be taken straight to the Snap Camera or can browse Lenses in Stories. Swipe up on Snaps in Stories to unlock Lenses found here. 

Lens Studio, which Snap launched in 2017, lets anyone submit a Lens of their creation. Snap says more than 100,000 Lenses have been viewed over 2.5 billion times in that span. 

Now, anyone can find and slap these Lenses onto their next Snap. Look for the new feature on iOS at launch. No word yet on when Lens Explorer heads to Android. 

Michelle Fitzsimmons

Michelle was previously a news editor at TechRadar, leading consumer tech news and reviews. Michelle is now a Content Strategist at Facebook.  A versatile, highly effective content writer and skilled editor with a keen eye for detail, Michelle is a collaborative problem solver and covered everything from smartwatches and microprocessors to VR and self-driving cars.