Cyberpunk 2077 is ready for PC right now – it’s the PS4 and Xbox One holding the game back

Cyberpunk 2077
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed again, it probably didn’t escape your attention, but the reason for the game being held back is quite illuminating – and doubtless frustrating for PC gamers.

According to CD Projekt’s co-CEO Adam Kiciński, the delay with Cyberpunk 2077 has been caused by issues tied up in the final optimization for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

PC Gamer reports that Kiciński elaborated as follows on the delay: “The game is ready for the PC and runs great on the next-gen consoles, and could be shipped on the scheduled date on those platforms.

“However, even though the game has been certified on the current gens by both Sony and Microsoft, some very final optimization processes for such a massive and complex game require a bit of additional time.”

That additional time is another three weeks, incidentally, if you missed the news yesterday. Cyberpunk 2077 was scheduled to be released on November 19 – three weeks today, as it happens – but now won’t be out until December 10. So the waiting time has been doubled to six weeks, in other words (and don’t forget, the game was originally supposed to be out in April 2020).

Broken promises

Cyberpunk 2077 is, of course, a complex title as already mentioned, and one being produced across a host of different platforms, so it’s not exactly a complete surprise to see a further delay. That doesn’t change the fact that this has still been very disappointing for many folks, of course.

Kiciński also apologised to gamers: “I would like to offer an apology for breaking our promise and failing your trust. We underestimated the time required for the very final processes.”

Hopefully we won’t see any further slippage with the new December 10 date, which Kiciński said he was “maybe not comfortable, but confident” in.

At least PC players have received some good news in recent times, with the revelation of the system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077, which are not demanding, at least not in terms of the minimum spec necessary to play the game.

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