Xbox One to play catch up with Plus7

Plus7 for Xbox One
Catch up right through your Xbox One

Xbox and Yahoo7 are partnering up to give Xbox One users a custom Plus7 app with catch-up TV content from Channel 7 starting September 3.

Currently, the Plus7 app can be accessed through web, mobile and tablet (iOS and Android), providing content from Yahoo!7 channels Seven, 7mate and 7TWO, as well as from other content partners.

Interestingly, Plus7 has so far only turned up on the PlayStation 3 while the Xbox 360 got a miss. There's also no word yet if the app will turn up on the PS4.

Content, everywhere

With the launch of FreeviewPlus set for tomorrow, the availability of catch-up TV services through a number of devices has only been increasing.

Yahoo7's Director of Product and Audience, Caroline Casey, said that the company is focused on making its "available wherever and whenever users want".

For Xbox, the inclusion of the service will allow it to help the Xbox One deliver more than just games.

"With Xbox One, we set out to create an all-in-one solution built for the future that not only has the best games, but the best entertainment and TV experiences together in one place," said Jeremy Hinton, Xbox Lead for Microsoft Australia.

"We are excited to welcome Plus7 into our great line-up of local and international content available on Xbox One."