The latest PS4 update finally lets you suspend/resume your games


When the PS4 was launched, one of the original features that was exciting was the ability to shut the console down mid-game, switch off the console, then come back later and carry on. Finally, we're getting that functionality added.

The new update, codenamed "Yukimura", will arrive "soon" although there's no official word on the Sony blog post. It will, however, also bring some other great features.

For example, you'll be able to find friends on Facebook too. Those who have used the atrocious friends feature on the PS4 will be thrilled by this, because integration with the social network should make this process a lot less painful.

For those who make use of accessibility features, they will also get a boost as Sony adds text to speech and high contrast options.

Coming of age

The kids will be pleased to learn that they'll also get total access to the PS4 chat features when they turn 18. They'll also be able to add their own hard-earned money into their wallet, to make Sony just that little bit richer.

Also getting a boost is remote share, and remote play, both of which will support higher frame rates of 30 and 60fps if the game, and your bandwidth, support the increased amount of data needed to stream.

Also important is the news that Trophies will be auto-screen-capped when they are awarded. That's smashing news for those of us who like a good old brag with friends about how awesome we are. There's also sharing to DailyMotion too, in case you're French.