Will voice control become the norm for in-car tech?

Pairing your phone with the system

Fiat blue and me

On the left of the steering wheel you get a Windows key and an Escape/Mute key, as well as an OK and phone key on the right. There are also volume keys on plus scroll up and scroll down keys for moving between contacts in your phone book or tracks on your music player.

You only need to store your phonebook once, but don't worry about numbers changing – any changes are automatically updated whenever the system detects the mobile phone. The first time you connect your phone you'll also have to pair it with the system, so you'll need to enter a PIN into your phone as instructed by the car.

Fiat blue and me

The system supports five different phones at any one time, so it can handily be used by several people, should it be a work pool car, or a family vehicle. Should the system detect two synchronised mobiles in the car at the same time, it will simply pair with the last phone used. When you wish to make a call, you just say the name of the person you wish to call.

You can also call other numbers by dictating to the system. You can also use the controls on the steering wheel, or your voice, to scroll through the phone book on the instrument panel. When in a call, the system can be muted if you wish, or you can be notified of any call waiting for you.

When you receive a new text, the sender's name and number is displayed on the panel in front of you. You can then choose to have it read out with you, as well as review old texts or even call back the person who texted you.

Listening to music

Fiat blue and me


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