Ultra wideband HDMI Eee keyboards out soon

Eee keyboards featuring Ultra wideband HMDI on the way soon
Eee keyboards featuring Ultra wideband HMDI on the way soon

Asus is set to release its new Eee keyboard later this summer, with the first review samples scheduled for August and the new Eee-branded device soon set to feature wireless streaming of high-definition content to your TV.

While Asus is still to confirm exact specification and pricing on the new Eee keyboard, the company's UK Marketing Manager John Swatton informed TechRadar today that, "technology improves so much that, even in six months [since the unveiling of the wireless version at CeBit], the specification may well be better than even we originally thought."

Ultra wideband HDMI

As for the promise of being able to wirelessly stream your high definition content from your lovely new slim Eee keyboard to your telly via Asus' ultra wideband HDMI tech, that has also still to be confirmed for a late 2009 launch.

"It is not a proven technology yet, so our engineers are still testing it out," added Swatton.

The Eee keyboard is, as he noted, the "first product of its kind in its segment, so it is imperative that we get it right."

Whether the first batch of Eee keyboards feature wireless HDMI streaming or not, they are definitely set to feature the standard Wi-Fi as well as an in-built speaker, microphone, a 5-inch touchscreen display and a 32GB SSD to store your high def movies on.

TechRadar cannot wait to get our mitts on the first review samples heading our way in August, mainly because it will mean we need never leave the comfort of our couch ever again!

Adam Hartley