This experimental Windows 10 feature will rid your computer of preinstalled apps

Windows 10

Annoying pre-installed software (aka bloatware) isn't just annoying; it can be a security disaster waiting to happen. Bloatware has been a problem for the Windows operating system for a long time, but Microsoft finally has an answer. The latest Windows 10 beta now offers a new refresh tool in the settings that allows users to install a clean version of Windows.

Window 10 already has a number of "Refresh and Reset" options in its settings, but the new tool is unique in that it doesn't restore non-Microsoft apps after a system reset. The tool works by fetching a copy of Windows from the internet, a huge 3GB download, and performing a clean install.

Users will still have the option to choose between keeping personal data like photos, documents and music, or to wipe everything altogether. Keep in mind that this tool will remove all applications that don't come standard on Windows so you'll have to reinstall all your personal apps afterward.

The tool is currently only available to Windows Insiders, an opt-in group of beta testers, and currently has a few bugs. For example, the tool may fetch an older version of Windows that's currently installed, at which point users will not have the option to retain their personal data.

The new refresh tool will most likely be bundled as part of a huge update for Windows 10 called the Anniversary Update. The update is expected to come sometime in July to celebrate the one year anniversary of the operating system.

If you can't wait until then, here's how you can try the Windows 10 Anniversary Update before it's release.

Lewis Leong
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