PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC: PAX East 2014 takes a stand

PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC: PAX East 2014
Powdered Toast Man knows what's up

It's been six months since Sony and Microsoft started their latest global battle for living room gaming domination. The Sony PS4 and Xbox One have been neck and neck in some ways, while the race has definitely been more one sided in others.

But there's no way we can forget the sneaking, silent 10-ton gorilla in the room: the PC. It's been there since the beginning: transforming, experimenting and pioneering behind the scenes. The PC has been honed to an impossible edge since we started gaming on it 30-plus years ago.

On the other hand, consoles have transformed and evolved, succeeded and failed in the biggest – and arguably most bombastic – displays. One look at any E3 press conference will say as much.

But the Penny Arcade Expo is a different animal entirely. It attracts a certain kind of gamer, a more refined or devoted one, perhaps. (You see where we're going with this, right?)

Regardless, PAX East 2014 was our first chance to ask fans at such scale which is best since the launch of these sleek, miniature monoliths of gaming. (Plus, it was a lot of fun.) PC Gamer Editor-in-Chief Evan Lahti and I attempt the answer the "why" behind the overwhelming response you'll see below:

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