7 ways to make your Vista desktop look like Windows 7

Snap out of it

AeroSnap enables you to drag open windows to the edge of the screen, minimising or maximising them depending on where you drag them to. Drag it to the top and it'll maximise, drag it away from the top and it'll return to its original size. If you pull it to the side, it even snaps into a smaller window.

Download and install the AeroSnap application from here. As with AeroShake, you'll need to run it every time you turn off or restart your PC.

6. Upgrade the Windows Vista Calculator

As well as giving your desktop the Windows 7 look and some of its functionality, you can also upgrade a few of your current applications to have the Windows 7 touch. The first of these is the tried and tested Calculator, which is much bigger and prettier than the standard one and has many new and useful features, including the useful Measurement Conversion and Programmer modes.

You can get the new Calculator and replace your current one in a few easy steps. First, download it from here, then unzip the file using WinRAR. Now open the Windows 7 Calculator folder, right-click calc.exe and select Take ownership from the drop-down menu. Now browse to the en us folder and do the same thing to the calc.exe.mui file.

After you've done this, replace your existing Calculator Registry files with the new ones. Browse to the Local Disc (normally C: drive)\Windows\System32 and replace the calc.exe file with the new one. Then find the en us folder, open it and replace calc.exe.mui with the new version.

7. Paint Windows Media Player in Windows 7-style

Aero livery Windows Media Player 12 is newly available to Windows 7. Visually, it's not that different from Windows Media Player 11, but has a better menu and is outfitted in Aero Glass, so it's see-through. If you want to replace your current Windows Media Player with a Windows 7-style version, download it from here, unzip it with WinRAR and open the 7_for_Windows_Media_ Player_11_by_bogo_d folder.

Right click the wmploc.dll file and select Take ownership. Copy and paste this into Local Disc\Windows\System32, replacing the old version. In the 7_ for_Windows_Media_Player_11_by_ bogo_d folder once more, double click the Settings file. It won't make your music sound any better, but it will be nicer to look at!