Microsoft 3D desktop with Kinect concept revealed

Microsoft 3D desktop with Kinect concept revealed
Desktop, Pimp My Ride style

Microsoft may be currently prepping Windows 8 for the world, but it has still found time to allow all of us a peak at what is to come in the near future, showing off a 3D desktop concept which uses Kinect functionality.

Shown off at its TechForum, the bods at Microsoft Research explained that the 3D-enabled desktop uses a see-through Samsung OLED screen and a Kinect sensor – combined they create a virtual desktop that can be controlled by swipes and gestures.

This isn't the first time we have seen a see-through OLED display from Samsung - it was also shown off in one of the company's own future-focused promos, where it was part of a flexible tablet concept.

Kinect, the best a man can get

According to the developers of the desktop, the Kinect sensor tracks all sorts of movement, including head and eye movement, as well as hand gestures.

Although the screen is 3D a normal keyboard is used for typing – so the desktop concept isn't completely motion-controlled.

It does look as if the future of desktop computing, however, is decidedly mouse-free.

Say what you want about Microsoft, the company has always been open about its future technologies – even if some of them never come to fruition.

We can only dream that Apple will one day operate the same way, but for now it looks as if Cook and co are very much working on their upcoming projects in a room with more security than the Pentagon.

Check out the video below, which shows Microsoft's 3D desktop concept in action.

Via The Verge

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