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Why internet devices like the iPad are a bad idea

Jeremy Laird
Jeremy Laird is a regular contributor to TechRadar

Some you win and some you lose. As it goes, Apple's new iPad makes me feel like I'm first past the post.

Not because it's going to change anyone's life for the better, but simply because it confirms what I've been saying for longer than I care to remember about mobile internet devices, or MIDs.

Not to put too fine a point on it, MIDs are a bad idea. And make no mistake: the iPad is nothing more than a MID. I could, of course, count the ways in which the iPad fails. I might wax proselytical about the oversized screen and how it bloats the device's proportions unnecessarily.

I could wail and gnash that the lack of support for Flash video is utterly bonkers in a device Apple claims is better for web browsing than a laptop.