Tim Cook: Apple sold more iPads than Windows PCs

Tim Cook
Apple's COO backs-up iPad's status as post-PC device

Apple sold more iPad tablets in the last quarter than Windows PCs, company COO Tim Cook revealed during Cupertino's latest earnings call today.

Following news that the market-ruling tablet sold a whopping 9.25m units between April and June, Cook aimed a telling shot at Microsoft, which recently boasted of 400m Windows 7 licenses sold.

Cook admitted that although iPad sales have eaten into the company's Mac market somewhat, the device is doing more damage to Microsoft in the PC arena.


"I think there was some cannibalisation of new Macs by iPad. We shipped a record 9.2 million iPads during the quarter, which is over two times the number of Macs that we shipped," he said.

"And it's clear that some customers chose to purchase an iPad instead of a new Mac. But the thing that really excites us is that more customers chose to buy an iPad than a Windows PC."

Since the launch of the iPad in early 2010, Apple has asserted that we're now living in a "post-PC" world and these figures are the first sign of the company backing up that claim.


Earlier this month, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer belittled Apple sales when announcing that 350m Windows 7 PCs had been sold.

Ballmer said:"That might compare with numbers from other guys that are in the 20 million range. 350, the last time I checked, is a lot more than 20."

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