New iPad with Retina Display a boost for MLB sluggers

New iPad with Retina Display a boost for Major League Baseball stars
iPad's help players break down the mechanics of a pitch

Major League Baseball players and coaches are eager to get their hands on Apple's new iPad, claiming the clearer Retina Display will help them 'break down the mechanics' of the game.

The verdict comes from Cincinnati Reds manager of video scouting Rob Coughlin, who says that the majority of MLB players already use an iPad to study footage of their opponents.

Coughlin says the improved detail on the new iPad's 2048 x 1536 screen will be an even bigger aid in helping hitters pick-out breaking balls, curve balls and and more.

Clubhouse favourite

He said: "Look around the clubhouse. Just about every single (player) has an iPad they can use to prepare for a game."

"With the '3,' now you're going to be able to see the grip on the baseball, perhaps even the rotation of the baseball and be able to (better) break down mechanics.

"A decade ago (the latest) was VHS tapes, then the quality of video improved when everything went digital. Now, the next step is getting everything in high definition. The clearer the picture, the clearer you can see what the pitcher is trying to do."

Angels and Phillies on board too

It's not just the Reds who are on board with the iPad revolution. Los Angeles Angels senior video coordinator Diego Lopez says: "If you can detect somebody tipping a pitch or maybe doing something with their mechanics, there is an advantage."

Brian Schneider, a catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies says the staff will load footage of the pitchers they'll be facing next onto iPads to view as the Phils travel to the next series.

Via: USA Today

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