AppleCare+ for iPhone, iPod hits UK, accidental damage fees hiked in US

AppleCare+ for iPhone, iPod hits UK, accidental damaged fees hiked in US
Accident prone Brits now have a path to a cheaper iPhone replacement

On the day it launched its iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S handsets, Apple is giving butterfingered Brits the opportunity to insure their handsets against those fatal drops and spills, for the first time.

The company has rolled out its AppleCare+ scheme to the UK (as well as Italy and France), providing additional coverage for upto two years beyond the purchase date.

For an initial payment of £79 iPhone owners will get unlimited telephone support and additional hardware cover for two incidences of accidental damage.

However, if you drop your iPhone down the toilet or run over it with your car you wont get a completely free replacement, there's a £55 excess you'll need to cover.

Price hike for American users

Stateside, where the scheme has been running for the last two years, Apple has chosen to raise the excess for accidental damage from $49 to $79. The plan itself remains at $99.

As well as extending the program to Europe, Apple has also added iPods into the mix for the first time, which is a plus for those accident prone users.

Earlier this year it was rumoured that AppleCare subscriptions would be modified to cover all of a user's Apple devices, but there's no sign of that just yet.

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