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Apple Mighty Mouse to go all multitouch

Mighty Mouse
The Mighty Mouse could soon get even mightier

If you're one of the very few people who can tolerate using Apple's Mighty Mouse for day-to-day work on a Mac, then you'll likely be keen to hear about a rumoured change to the derided peripheral.

According to Apple Insider, the white mouse is set for a makeover when Cupertino announces its next range of iMac computers; probably within the month.

No more balls

That will, we're told, see the Mighty Mouse become touch-sensitive like the multitouch trackpads on recent MacBooks and do away with the top-mounted ball/scroll wheel.

There are no actual details on how the new mouse will work, but we can expect a range of gestures to trigger features such as scrolling, Exposé and, perhaps, iPhone-like pinching and zooming.