Apple hires Oracle legal czar

Apple has hired Daniel Cooperman as its new top legal aid

It seems some people enjoy working for billionaires more than others. According to Apple, the company has hired former general counsel at Oracle Corporation, Daniel Cooperman as its new top legal aid reporting directly to Steve Jobs.

Cooperman, whose term is expected to begin on 1 November, will become the second person to take on the role. Long-time counsel Nancy Heinen departed in May 2006 after Apple's well-publicised options backdating debacle.

Cooperman endorsed by Jobs

"Dan will be an excellent addition to our team and will fit right into Apple's fast paced culture," said Apple chief executive Steve Jobs. "Dan is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in securities compliance, intellectual property, litigation and corporate governance."

To make room for Cooperman, Apple's former top legal aid, Donald J. Rosenberg, who was rumoured to be receiving an $18.25 million, 200,000-share options grant, has been let go.

"We thank Don for his contributions to Apple during the past ten months, and wish him well in his future endeavours," said Jobs.

Before his departure, Cooperman was in charge of the company's legal team and helped regulate worldwide legal policies, corporate governance, securities compliance, mergers and acquisitions, commercial licensing, intellectual property, employment law, litigation, patent law and legal support.

Besides his new stint with Apple, Cooperman also serves as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Software and Information Industry Association. Cooperman is also a member of the American Bar Association's Committee of Corporate General Counsel and is on the Advisory Council for the Law, Science and Technology Program at Stanford Law School.