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WD delivers super-tiny lightweight 320GB HD

This is basically WD’s version of Seagate’s FreeAgent drive

Western Digital (WD) today introduced its new My Passport Essential portable USB hard drives. Redesigned to complement WD’s popular My Book family of external drives, the new models deliver impressive capacities in small form factors.

Weighing in at less than 5 ounces, My Passport Essential drives are light and compact to carry because they're powered by the USB bus rather than an external power adapter.

This is basically WD’s version of Seagate’s FreeAgent drive. And as such, it comes with software that emulates your home desktop so you can effectively take your home computer anywhere you want.

Plug the drive in and it simulates your home desktop, while giving you access to all your files.

Portable storage

“The newly designed My Passport Essential drives are the perfect travel-friendly storage device to hold the rich media content generated by higher resolution photos and HD videos and music,” said Jim Welsh, vice president and general manager of WD’s branded products group.

“The desire to carry and keep their digital files close at hand continues to grow and this new drive offers a sleek and stylish solution with plenty of storage capacity for consumers on the move.”

WD’s My Passport Essential USB Drives are available now at select retail stores starting at around £120.