techradar pro: tell us about your hyper-converged storage plans and win a BB-8 robot

Putting software first are what hyper-converged infrastructures are all about. Hardware, for once, takes the back seat, which is what worries some of the more traditional players.

(ed: The closing date has now been extended to January 2016)

Combining commodity hardware with smart software to produce a self-sustaining system guided by the SDS (Software-Defined software) motto.

Not surprisingly, it has disrupted the business models of a few in the market but has also introduced some exciting opportunities for IT decision makers and CTOs globally.

How hyper are you?

We want to know more about your hyper-converged plans, if you have any, and invite you to a business lunch somewhere near London Paddington, to discuss about your thoughts and do a bit of networking.

Complete our short survey below and you might even win a Sphero BB-8 droid worth £100, one that will appear in Star Wars: Episode VII and one that you can control via your smartphone.

More importantly, we will produce a short report based on the collected data which might provide you with a deeper insight into one of the biggest trends of the past decade in business.

Only U.K residents over 18 can take part in the competition but everyone can participate. The competition will close at 11:59PM, Wednesday 20th January 2016 and the winner will be selected on the 21st.

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Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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