AMD shows Trinity APU at Computex

AMD Trinity
The Trinity APU was shown off at Computex 2011 in Taipei

In order to distract us all from the fact that the first Bulldozer CPUs, the Zambezi chips, wont be arriving until late in the Summer, possibly September, AMD's General Manager, Rick Bergman showed off a brand new Trinity APU today at Computex 2011.

This new processor, like Zambezi, will be the first APU using the Bulldozer architecture and will also include a GPU core capable of running DirectX 11 paths.

It will be with us in 2012, leading Bergman to claim that it was already set deliver on its promise of releasing "the greatest APU" every year

These APUs though will only be using one or two Bulldozer modules, essentially rendering them dual or quad-core analogues.

Full octo-mod, eight-core analogues though should follow under the codename Komodo.

Rick bergman showing off the trinity apu

The still-unreleased, straight Zambezi Bulldozer CPUs are starting to look like a bit of a stopgap between the standard high-end, no processor graphics, CPUs and the complete switch over to fully Fusion parts.

AMD roadmaps from last year pointed to a total switch over to Fusion APUs across its lineup, and with today's showing of what looks to be a fully-formed Trinity APU, it looks to be the first of a new breed.

The interesting thing is whether - because of the integrated graphics in these APUs - they will require a brand new socket.

AMD fm1 socket for llano