AMD focuses on power consumption with new architecture

Carrizo, AMD's brand new APU.
Carrizo, AMD's brand new APU.

Mainstream and entry level laptops are expected to get a boost as AMD unveiled its new range of Accelerated Processing Unit products, codenamed Carrizo.

But don't expect them to challenge mainstream Intel mobile processors though as AMD is focusing more on power gains rather than on improving performance.

Doing so is becoming harder as AMD is still sticking to a mature 28nm manufacturing process compared to 14nm for its competitor, Intel.

Still, AMD somehow managed to perform some miracles; its engineers managed to cram nearly a third more transistors on the same die size as its predecessor while decreasing the power consumption and improving the all-important instructions-per-clock metrics thanks to its new Excavator x86 core.

AMD also integrated the Southbridge, bringing H.265 video decode on the chip plus a raft of power-optimising features aimed at allowing the processor to hit a sweet spot at 10W.

In addition, a leaked benchmark showed an unknown AMD part, called the FX-8800P (and most probably a Carrizo-based APU), scoring a more-than-respectable 2645 on the popular 3DMark 11.