World's first solar-powered keyboard looks hot

Whatever next - a wireless keyboard powered by the force of our keystrokes?

So far this month we've seen solar-powered cars, television sets and radios, so why not a wireless computer keyboard driven by the Sun's energy?

For once, the idea is a very real product – it's the BSKBW01SB from Buffalo Japan, which goes on sale there next week for ¥13,775 (£65).

10m range

We won't bore you with the details – it's a standard 2.4GHz keyboard, after all – except to say that it isn't entirely dependent on sunlight striking the four-inch solar panel that sits just above the number pad.

Wisely, Buffalo has built in the usual battery slot for a pair of AAs, so there's no reason not to carry on working into the night. Or, given the 10 metre range and wealth of media buttons, sitting on the sofa with the latest episode of Weeds onscreen.