Thanko's USB vacuum mouse really sucks


Take a look around your desk, under the keyboard and behind the monitor - go on; we bet it's filthier than the mind of an F1 boss.

Should we be correct in that rather unpleasant assumption, then feel free to check out the latest daft USB gadget from Thanko Japan - a mouse that doubles up as a desktop vacuum cleaner.

Filth be gone

The USB Cleaner Mouse costs ¥1,980 (£10) and combines an 800dpi optical mouse with a tiny dust buster. The two activities can be toggled with a stitch on the side of the mouse and that's about it really.

Any unpleasant particles are stored in a tiny chamber at the rear of the mouse, which looks like it would need to be emptied every few minutes. And what's wrong with a feather duster anyway, Mr Mosley?