MSI unveils self-cleaning graphics card

MSI unveils self-cleaning graphics card
Dust, begone!

Component company MSI has detailed its latest exclusive graphics card fan technology - it packs a number of new features, the most interesting of which is its dust removal technology.

On booting, the fan runs backwards for thirty seconds, sucking out any debris that may clog the heatsink.

MSI reckons dust may be to blame for many PC crashes, and that it could increase operating temperatures by as much as 15 degrees celsius.

But while the new technology may remove dust from the card itself, we can't help but wonder if it's simply sucked up by the card again when it starts running normally, or if it just roams the inside of your PC case looking for other heatsinks to inhabit.

Get into the groove

Other advances in MSI's new fans include the Propeller Blade, which uses arched edges, grooves and a gloss coating to provide a 20 percent increase in air flow.

In addition, the Smart Temp Sensor Tech makes the fans change colour from blue to white when the GPU is running at over 45 degrees celsius, which is great if you like looking at spinning objects more than you like watching Nazis' heads explode in-game.

The Smart Temp Sensor and Dust Removal Technology will be available on MSI's upcoming Nvidia N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition, and the Propellor Blade is available on MSI's latest Nvidia and AMD products.

Via the MSI event website