Civilization VI is now free on Epic Games Store – could Borderlands: The Handsome Collection be next?

(Image credit: 2K Games)

Civilization VI is the latest high-profile PC game to be given away by the Epic Games Store, following hot on the carjacking heels of Grand Theft Auto V.

Sid Meier’s strategy epic is another pretty incredible freebie which is available to grab now, and will be until May 28. All you need to do is head on over to the Epic Games Store, where you must have an account and have turned on two-factor authentication.

Civilization VI was released four years ago to considerable acclaim, with many critics praising the depth of its strategy, and indeed our sister site PC Gamer announcing that it was the ‘ultimate digital board game’ no less.

And while Civilization VI might have previously set you back $60 or £50 at the recommended price, you can now get it for nothing, which is obviously a pretty massive steal for anyone with a passing interest in strategy games yet to pick it up.

Leak comes good

Those of you who have been following leaks around the Epic Games Store might recall that a purported list of the next free games was floated around on Reddit recently, although it was widely considered to be fake (and we’ve got to admit, it did look and seem somewhat dodgy).

However, that list contended that after GTA V we would get Civ VI on May 21, and obviously that’s exactly what has happened. So, that being the case, while we are still rather cautious about treating the rest of this leak as gospel, if it is correct, the next freebie arriving on May 28 will be Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Ark Survival Evolved will allegedly follow that on June 4.

Epic must be getting a lot of folks signing up for accounts with free games of this calibre, for sure, particularly given the amount of people that have a good deal of time on their hands at the moment due to coronavirus lockdowns.

The store also has a big sale on at the moment with a lot of reductions on various titles, and a $10 (£10) off coupon on top of those discounts (plus the coupon can be repeatedly applied).

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