Cisco Webex gets a major upgrade to take on Teams and Zoom

(Image credit: Webex)

Cisco is bringing out the big guns for Webex in its battle for online collaboration supremacy against the likes Teams, Zoom. 

The all-new Webex Suite comes with a number of new features alongside other significant upgrades to existing services, all with the goal of being the go-to platform in the hybrid working world of today.

Cisco wanted to make the Webex Suite a platform that covers all bases. Users will be able to combine meetings, calling, messaging, polling and events, priced at “40 percent lower than a-la-carte".

Courtesy of Slido, bought by Cisco earlier this year, Webex Suite users can now create polls, quizzes and Q&As isndie the platform, with polling available now in Meetings and will be coming to Events soon. 

Also included is Webex Desk, a new all-in-one collaboration device designed for both home and work. The company promised “immersive collaboration experiences” via RoomOS, that connects workflows “with less context switching”.

Improved audio and video

Webex has also upgraded its existing audio/video solutions with new features - My Voice Only and People Focus. While My Voice Only eliminates background noise, even people speaking in the background, People Focus re-frames meeting participants spread across the meeting room. That way, remote participants will “feel more connected”, as everyone will be able to pick up on body language and facial expressions more easily. 

Cisco also announced Secure Experiences, a real-time data loss prevention tool that automatically blocks and removes confidential information. It should become available in Messaging, the company said. European Webex customers will be able to host and process their content within the EU, an important factor to staying compliant with the GDPR.

Cisco topped it all of with a new Webex identity and logo, which were also unveiled today.

As for pricing and availability, the Webex Suite is available today and will be priced at “40 percent lower than a-la-carte”. Webex Desk will be available to order later this month for Cisco suggested resale price of $1,249 for customers and a standard price of $2,495.

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