Limited-edition Casio WSD-F20SC is an adventure-ready Wear OS watch

Casio has announced a new limited-edition version of its high-tech adventure watch that runs on Wear OS.

The original Casio WSD F20 was announced at CES 2017, and this new version of the watch, called the Casio WSD F20SC, is even better for true adventurers, boasting a new and improved durable design.

The WSD F20SC boasts all the same features as the original watch but it has a sapphire crystal display which makes it even more resistant to scratches and bumps.

It also has what Casio is calling its Field Composite Band, which the company claims will be more durable than other bands. The Casio website says it "combines the elegant feel of metal with the durability and wearability of urethane and fine resin".

It's adventure time

We have to agree with Casio – we tried the new version of the watch briefly at Baselworld 2018, and found it comfortable and luxurious enough that it doesn't feel like it's only for Bear Grylls types.

It comes with all the same features as the WSD F20, so it'll feature GPS as well as offline maps for navigation when you're out and about, alongside all the usual Wear OS features you'd expect.

If you already own the latest watch from Casio, it's unlikely you'll want to upgrade to this just for its slightly more durable design. The WSD F20SC won't replace the WSD F20 in the Casio range either, as it's a limited-edition product.

It'll be on sale from Casio's website at some point in late June, but there are only 700 units of the WSD F20SC. If you want one, you'll have to be quick, and we don't currently know if it'll be available in all markets.

The original version of this watch costs $500 (around £400, AU$680), but as this is a limited-edition run we anticipate the price will be at least a bit higher.

James Peckham

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