Tesla Model X recall issued over faulty seats

The Tesla Model X is getting recalled

Owners of the Tesla Model X were alerted to the car's first recall notice today, and it's one they may want to take care to follow.

Turns out the back seat in the all-electric SUV from Elon Musk's motor company failed a test while preparing for the European market.

The Model X had passed 15 previous safety tests during the process of releasing the car in the US, notes Autoblog, but a 16th, modified test to see if the car met European standards caused a latch in the third row seats to fail, making the seats fall forward.

Tesla says it's a problem with the manufacturing process and not a design flaw. It's jumped on the issue, stating that it's been addressed and any Model X's built after March 26 are unaffected.

Bring 'em on back... if you want

In an email sent to Tesla owners, the company says the recall is voluntary and that there have been "no reports of a third row seat slipping in any customer vehicles."

Those sent the email were, however, encouraged to avoid using the third row for seating passengers until it's properly serviced by Tesla technicians.

The Model 3 maker estimates it will take approximately five weeks to prepare everything needed to correct the 2,700 units recalled.

Though the first official recall for the Model X, this isn't the first time Tesla has brought back vehicles for repairs, including the Model S. Most of the recalls have been for minor, preemptive issues in an effort to maintain a high standard of safety by the company.

The seat issue does hold risk for passengers who might be back there during a collision, though. Thankfully no injuries have been reported to date, but it's probably a good idea to get your latch looked at before your third-row occupants are folded up like tacos.

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