Canon EOS M200 on the horizon? New mirrorless model rumored

Canon EOS M100
Canon EOS M100 (Image credit: Future)

The Canon EOS M100 (pictured above) is one of those models that's easy to dismiss on account of its simplicity, but it's perfectly capable when you consider the market at which it's aimed, and its meagre price tag. 

And now, two years after its launch, it appears that we may soon see an updated EOS M200 model.

Trusty camera rumors site Nokishita has claimed on Twitter that the "EOS M200 15-45 Lens Kit (Black) and EOS M200 15-45 Lens Kit (White) have been added to Canon's latest product list". The tweet goes on to say that the model will probably get its official status within the month. 

Is it likely?

While the site hasn't released any leaked images or specs of the supposed new model, its good track record for breaking news of upcoming cameras, together with the EOS M100's age, lend this rumor a fair amount of credibility.

Canon has released a number of new models since the EOS M100, which has dated that camera's spec sheet somewhat. We may expect an EOS M200 to still rock up with a 24MP APS-C sensor, but it would be surprising if it didn't arrive with the latest DIGIC 8 processing engine, faster burst shooting and USB charging.

It would also be a shame if it weren't to arrive with 4K video recording, a feature Canon omitted from the EOS M100 and appeared reluctant to include on many other cameras at a time when others were more liberal with it, although Canon has fallen in line more recently, as customers have increasingly come to expect 4K as standard.

Given that this new model should be aimed at a more junior audience, it seems likely that it will also be available in a handful of further color options in addition to the black and white versions mentioned, as the EOS M100 was. And assuming the model does get confirmation within the month, it seems likely that it'll be available this side of Christmas too.