Tartan Video: Blu-ray is better than HD DVD

Independent video publisher Tartan has put the boot into HD DVD today, effectively calling it inferior.

"To go with Blu-ray was a no-brainer for Tartan. Not only is the format superior to HD-DVD, but also the fact that seven out of eight studios have chosen to release their films on Blu-ray means that this so-called 'format war' is over before it has really begun," says Tartan Video boss Hamish McAlpine.

McAlpine made the comments in a press release that touts the company's first foray into Blu-ray. It has released three titles: Old Boy; Ingmar Bergman flick The Seventh Seal; and Paul Verhoeven's WWII drama Black Book.

All three titles will cost £29.99. Black Book goes on sale on Monday 27 August; Old Boy and The Seventh Seal are available from Monday 24th September. Each Blu-ray box also contains a DVD version of the release - handy for those who still haven't bought a new format player yet.

HD DVD blues

The HD DVD camp has come under increased pressure in the last few weeks. First Blockbuster announced that it would only carry Blu-ray in its US video rental stores; then Target said it was only selling standalone Blu-ray players in its 1,500 US stores.

However the HD DVD camp was quick to point out that Target still plans to stock HD DVDs, as well as Xbox 360 HD DVD drives in its stores, and that Target will continue to sell HD DVD players online.

US east coast retail chain BJ's also said it was going to pick Blu-ray over HD DVD for its standalone player sales instore. However it will also continue to sell HD DVD versions online.