Buy The Matrix HD DVD, get free HD DVD player

Be one of the first to buy The Matrix Trilogy at HMV in Oxford Street Monday, and you could scoop a Toshiba HD-E1 HD DVD player

Rush down to HMV's Oxford Street store on Monday and you could be rewarded with a free HD DVD player courtesy of Toshiba.

The first 150 people to buy a copy of The Matrix Trilogy on HD DVD will be eligible for the prize - a Toshiba HD-E1 which normally retails for around £200. In addition, 400 The Matrix fans will also be rewarded with memorabilia goodie bags.

You better get in line early though. The HMV Oxford Street store opens at 8am on Monday 10 September, with queuing starting from 7am.

"Inside the store fans can see exclusive demonstrations, have a sneak peak at the jaw-dropping film in HD format, see themselves immortalised in a picture with the cast via a green screen and meet some very special guests," says Toshiba.

"In addition, expect to see dazzling visual displays, fans kitted out in The Matrix attire and Agent Smith style security to mark the HD DVD release."

The three disc HD DVD box-set includes The Matrix, along with its sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

Blu-ray releases

Blu-ray fans needn't feel left out though. Tartan Video has announced it's releasing some BD movies over the next couple of months. Release schedule is as follows:

Monday 24 September: Black Book

Monday 22 October: Oldboy: Seventh Seal

Monday 12 Nov: Invisible Waves; Bright Future, Phantom Carriage: KTL Edtn; Phantom Carriage / Image Makers (double disc)

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