You might be able to stream The Beatles' music by Christmas Eve

The Beatles
The Beatles

If you've written to Santa asking for the Beatles back catalogue to appear on a streaming music service this Christmas, then you must have been very well behaved over the last year: Billboard reports that the Fab Four's tunes will indeed be available to stream as of Christmas Eve.

The band from Liverpool are well known for their reluctance to join the digital music revolution - it was many years before their music appeared on iTunes in a downloadable format - but it would seem the surviving members have now decided to join the streaming revolution.

Billboard's sources are indicating that all of the major streaming services will announce deals with The Beatles, though there is some talk of a six month exclusive period for one of them. Perhaps Apple is going to use the legendary outfit to boost Apple Music subscriber numbers?

There will be an answer

Of course Paul and Ringo and the families of John and George don't necessarily need the money, but nevertheless being able to stick Hey Jude on the end of your Deezer playlist should add some extra fizz to your Christmas and New Year parties.

And the remaining streaming music services are going to be hoping the music of The Beatles helps to boost their profit margins: Rdio is shutting its doors next week after failing to attract enough subscribers.

It's still just a rumour at this stage, but we'll keep our ears to the ground next week and let you know if we hear anything that sounds remotely like Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. In the meantime you might want to think about getting a Beatles-mad loved one a Spotify Premium subscription for Christmas.

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