TechRadar Tip Off: $74.99 for a Cyber Acoustics 3 Piece Speaker System

Cyber Acoustics
Immerse yourself in sound

Most of us have a great sound system for the living room, but what about the desktop computer space?

That's where today's TechRadar Tip Off has got you covered: Cyber Acoustics 3 Piece Flat Panel Design that comes with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers for only $74.99.

The Cyber Acoustics set will rattle you out of your seat - in a good way. The bass is strong and you can turn it way up without hearing any crackle. Your movies will sound perfect, your music will resonate loud and clear and it'll feel like you're right in the middle of a video game.

Three pieces for the price of one

Cyber Acoustics

Booming music, movies, games

Aside from powerful sound, the Cyber Acoustics is all about convenience - the set comes with a little control pod that holds the power and volume buttons, plus a handy cradle is also included for your music devices.

You'll also find yourself with 46 watts from the satellite speakers and the subwoofer combined, with a peak of 92 watts.

Great for a dorm room, bedroom, home office or wherever for whatever you need to sound loud and clear, at $74.99, these speakers really can't be missed.

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