Pure launches Move 2500 pocket DAB radio

Pure Move 2500 - it likes to move it, move it
Pure Move 2500 - it likes to move it, move it

Pure has revealed a new personal DAB radio, the Move 2500, which offers 14 hours of digital radio life from the confines of your pocket.

The new gizmo builds on the successful PocketDAB 1500, which we reviewed way back in 2007, and Pure reckons it has upped the audio quality on the new model, with equaliser settings so you can tweak the levels.

It may look a lot like a chunky iPod classic, but the Move 2500 is much lighter than its style icon, and svelter than the PocketDAB 1500.

Tune in

The other new feature on the Move 2500 is that it offers DAB+; this means you can tune in to digital stations in countries where they transmit DAB+, but is no great shakes to UK dwellers who won't be taking their radio on holiday with them.

The Move 2500 has an FM tuner as well, with the silicon-tipped noise isolating earphones acting as the radio antenna, so you can try plugging speakers into the 3.5mm headphone jack for communal listening, but Pure points out that it hasn't tested this and therefore can't recommend it.

That's a bit of a pain for anyone rushing out to buy the Move 2500 imminently, but Pure says it has a range of dedicated accessories, including speakers, on the way.

The Move 2500 also offers 14 hours of listening per charge and its UK release date is set for 3 August, with UK pricing coming in at £89.99.

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