Denon's latest seven channel surround sound

Denon's new amp promises the best home cinema sound to date
Denon's new amp promises the best home cinema sound to date

Denon as unveiled its latest seven channel AVR-4310 surround sound receiver – the world's first receiver to feature the brand new Audyssey DSX surround expansion technology.

"This supremely advanced feature adds surround channels where they have the most impact – at the front of the listening room – resulting in a more enveloping and immersive soundstage," Denon's press release informs us.

In order to pump out the best-quality high def sound from Blu-ray discs, the AVR4310 supports the outstanding 4th generation Denon Link technology for dramatically reduced jitter transmission via HDMI.

Denon's latest home cinema device packs in a whopping six HDMI inputs (one at the front) and two simultaneously running HDMI outputs, in addition to network connectivity, high resolution video scaling and the premium Audyssey package with MultEQ XT, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ.

Audyssey DSX

The Audyssey DSX is the key reason to upgrade here – as the technology extends 5.1- and 7.1-channel sound sources to a wider and higher dimension, with Denon assuring us that "a more spacious sound is achieved through an additional pair of speakers placed wider than the usual front speakers, and a more expansive sound is achieved by adding two height speakers above the front speakers."

"Finally," adds Denon's release, "to ensure owners can access the newest Denon technology for years to come, the AVR-4310 will be 'feature upgradeable', just like its successful predecessors the AVR-3808 and AVR-4308."

The Denon AVR-4310 releases in June 2009 at a suggested retail price of £1899 with various colour options including Premium Silver and Black.

Adam Hartley