Ferguson Hill unveils latest Hi-Fi range

Ferguson Hill unveils latest transparent speaker set-up and home cinema range
Ferguson Hill unveils latest transparent speaker set-up and home cinema range

The British speaker manufacturers Ferguson Hill reveals its new range of home cinema systems and uniquely-styled transparent loudspeaker systems at a London launch event today.

The new range comprises the FH009 Home Theatre System, for movie fans and audiophiles alike and the FH010 speakers, a new mid-sized version of Ferguson Hill's signature horn-shaped speaker.

"Both products represent Ferguson Hill's continuing dedication to unrivalled sound quality and sensational style," the company's press release informs us.

Home movie soundscapes

Ferguson Hill clearly hopes that consumers will agree that its latest £795 Home Theatre System "make[s] the viewing experience sound, and feel fantastic" and that the sound of the movie experience in the lounge is now "as much part of the experience as the picture."

The company claims to have nailed the best quality home cinema sound due to its patented di-polar horn speakers, which "eliminate the interference that can come with standard encased or boxed speaker systems."

The horn loaded drivers in the new FH009 are designed to allow the sound to be more easily magnified at the frequency range the human ear is most sensitive to (340Hz-20KHz).

"Because the system focuses on this range – which corresponds to the human voice – it produces a natural, warm sound that is pin-drop clear," notes Ferguson Hill's release.

The FH009's 'plug and play' integrated amp is also the only class A-B amplifier that consumers will find in its price range.

High-end transparent speaker

Next up, the new £6000 FH010 transparent speaker system is a slightly more compact version of Ferguson Hill's FH001 high end speaker set, comprising of two bass speakers and two mid-high frequency horn speakers to plug into your hi fi or home cinema set-up.

With an impressive-sounding frequency response ranging from 35Hz to 20KHz, the sound is described as "clear, intimate and alive"

"Since we launched the FH007 system back in 2007, the demand for Blu Ray and home cinema has rapidly grown," says Tim Hill, former aeronautical design engineer and founder of Ferguson Hill.

"More and more consumers are keen to enjoy movies and TV in high-definition, and we believe that this should be complimented with high-fidelity sound. This was really the inspiration for the FH009 home theatre system. We also wanted to provide a mid-sized version of our signature horn speaker system for those who want a high-end audio unit that fits beautifully into their home and provides exceptional sound."

For more info and availability head over to fergusonhill.co.uk.

Adam Hartley