BBC launches best-ever quality radio broadcasts

BBC announces HD radio signal for selected Radio 2 and Radio 3 progs
BBC announces HD radio signal for selected Radio 2 and Radio 3 progs

The BBC is responding to pressure from hi-fi critics, and delivering high quality HD Sound to Radio 2 and Radio 3 listeners in the coming months.

This week, the BBC today announced plans to launch an extra high quality audio stream for live online listening, called HD Sound.

BBC HD Sound

"From December, BBC Radio 3 will be available in HD Sound through its website and special events on other networks will also be offered in extra high quality – starting with the Electric Proms on BBC Radio 2 later this month," reads the BBC press release just in.

"HD Sound uses improved encoding and higher bit rates to offer the BBC's highest audio quality broadcast to date. It also offers a wider dynamic range, accentuating the difference in volume between quiet and loud sounds."

Hi-Fi fans and classical music fans alike will no doubt welcome the latest audio improvements from BBC radio.

Decent hi-fi required

Of course, you will need a decent hi-fi system to really appreciate the differences that a higher bit-rate streamed radio will deliver.

"Appreciation of the improved sound quality will depend on the equipment used – those using small speakers built into a laptop may not notice a big difference," notes the BBC. "But listeners with a computer connected to a good-quality sound system or high-quality headphones should be able to appreciate the extra clarity and detail in the sound."

The HD stream will only be available for live programmes initially (not on demand shows via the iPlayer and Radioplayer and the like).

It will initially be available through pages on radio networks' websites and special event sites, although Aunty's ambition is to integrate HD Sound into iPlayer and Radioplayer as the technology develops.

Tim Davie, Director of BBC Audio & Music, said: "HD Sound is an exciting development and a signal of our commitment to innovate in digital radio for the benefit of our listeners."

HD Sound will initially be trialled during this year's BBC Proms.

Via BBC Press Office

Adam Hartley