Apple producing exclusive new video content for its top artists

Apple Music
Exclusive original video content made by Apple

According to a report by Pitchfork Apple is now producing exclusive video content for top artists, such as Drake, Eminem and Pharrell, to give people more reasons to stick with Apple Music beyond the three free months.

Last friday Drake released his Energy video, debuting on Apple Music first, with Pitchfork explaining Apple had made the video in-house with its own production team.

Not content with dropping a huge catalogue of tracks, exclusive artists, a brave new social network and a live radio station, it looks like Apple's also now getting in on the video game in a big way.

Drake debuting his dress-up antics via an Apple Connect exclusive showing might just be the tip of big ol' iceberg too. Apple also put together the videos for Eminem's Phenomenal and Pharrell's Freedom, which showed first as Apple Music exclusives too.

Next up for the Apple treatment is reportedly M.I.A's interestingly-titled Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border audiovisual feast which is set to debut on the new streaming service today.

It's a two-track release that also features a short film containing snippets of music from her forthcoming new album.

The Pitchfork report also claims Apple is set to work next with James Bay, Diddy and Purity Ring.

With the Cupertino giant really getting its teeth into its new pet project Apple Music is seriously gathering momentum - producing exclusive artists, tracks and now original content to back all that up too.