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At $100, this 39-inch screen is probably the cheapest large-format display in the world

(Image credit: Seiki)

Seiki is a well established budget TV brand in the US, UK and Australia, gaining fame back in 2015 for releasing the first truly affordable 4K television set.

Fast forward to 2020, and Walmart is selling the SC-39HS950N, a 39-inch Seiki TV, for the modest price of $99.99 (including free delivery). This set can be used as a large format display, a monitor or as part of digital signage solution.

Sadly, we couldn’t find a similar model in Australia or the UK as it seems the device has already been cleared out in these territories.

Seiki 39-inch large format display - $99.99 at Walmart

Whether you plan to use it as a large format screen or a CCTV monitor, you'll find the SC-39HS950N from Seiki hard to beat. Nothing rivals its 39-inch viewable area at this price. With four external video connectors, it will cater to most mainstream use cases.

If you find a cheaper device with a similar specification, get in touch.View Deal

The device supports 720p resolution (1366 x 768 pixels), not full HD or 4K, which explains why it is so cheap. It can play content via a USB port, which is essential if you want to loop content, say, on a shop floor.

Three HDMI ports are available should you want to connect it to a media player, a laptop or a thin client. There’s also a traditional tuner and a legacy VGA port for older computers, but no Wi-Fi or smart TV capabilities, something you can add after the fact using Miracast or Chromecast.

Surprisingly, given the price point, it comes with a built-in 3D NTSC comb filter and video noise reduction. It does (active) 3D, and includes an audio port and an optical I/O.

As for the obvious caveats, it is not a 4K screen, it doesn’t have any advanced features (e.g. HDR or fast refresh rate), the colour reproduction and image quality is likely to be sub-par and its sound system is poor.

If you can live with these defects, you shouldn't hesitate to pick it up.