Best interactive kiosk provider of 2024

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The best interactive kiosk providers make it simple and easy to manage information displays and booths that for customers to use.

Best interactive kiosk provider of 2024: quick menu

Interactive kiosks are increasingly becoming an ordinary part of the user experience, here. They won't just benefit your customers, either. They can help your staff with their day-to-day jobs as well. In many cases, they can help customers with queries, allowing your employees to concentrate on other parts of their job.

The best interactive kiosk providers will help you set up and maintain your devices, taking a lot of the pain out of introducing these products into your company. 

They will also aim to be affordable, with payment plans and offers that will allow you to provide interactive kiosks in an achievable way to suit your budget. And, while these kiosks can come with high upfront costs, such as the initial purchase of the hardware and maintenance fees, the best interactive kiosks should still be very cost-effective in the long-term. This is especially because they can be used to provide out-of-hours support, but also because they can be set up in locations that might be difficult to continually staff. They can be particularly useful for taking payments in areas that might see 24-hour footfall, such as on transport routes.

Even better, automated language provisions means they can service a wider range of people and customers, and with touchscreen interfaces that are easy to use, interactive kiosks can be not just user-friendly but also ADA compliant. 

Additionally, interactive kiosks can also extend marketing services as digital signage, promoting the latest products and/or services, else host paid-for advertising services. They can also simply serve as wayfinders by displaying interactive maps around shopping malls, trade shows, corporate buildings, as well as museums and other complexes.

While there are some ready-made kiosk solutions, some degree of customization will always be required in terms of features and functions. Because of this, you are unlikely to find flat-rate fees advertised and instead will need to contact the supplier for a quote.

In the meantime, below we list what we think are the best interactive kiosk providers.

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The best interactive kiosk provider of 2024 in full:

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Best self-service

(Image credit: Kiosk Information Systems)

1. Kiosk Information Systems

The best self-service kiosks for business

Reasons to buy

Large number of types
Software provided
Multiple feature options

Kiosk Information Systems are leading provider of interactive kiosks, as well as the software, applications, and design features require to use them. Main market areas include retail kiosks, security kiosks, healthcare kiosks, gaming kiosks, and locker systems, as well as payment, ticketing, and check-in self-service kiosks. Founded in 1993, Kiosk are now part of the Posiflex group, and are based in Louisville, CO.

Their interactive kiosks can usually include an LCD display with a touchscreen interface, keyword and trackball, credit card reader, barcode scanner, fingerprint reader, as well as a printer for issuing tickets and/or receipts, where required. 

For software, Kiosk provides its own platform based on core modules, which can be customized according to customer needs. New coding and third-party development can also be included as part of a solution. There are a variety of options available, such as for bill payment, locker software, vending, ticketing, and rental solutions. A remote management is also deployed which can connect through a cloud-based web app, allowing feature updates as well as general administration. 

Kiosk provides a number of brochures and downloadable resources from its websites, providing further information on what's involved in designing, developing, and deploying an interactive kiosk.

Best for payments

(Image credit: Meridian)

2. Meridian

Indoor and outdoor interactive kiosks with payment support

Reasons to buy

Wide range of types
Multiple features
In house software provision

Meridian provides interactive kiosks for indoor and outdoor use, and the software for their secure use and remote management, which can include features such as ticketing, check-in, and bill payments, as well as for EV charging, smart lockers, and of course digital signage. Founded in 1999, the company operates from a thirteen acre campus in North Carolina.

The software used for the kiosks is the company's own mzero platform, which can provide secure kiosk browser to run web applications. Meridian also provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) so that companies can customize their own kiosk experience, using a range of modules to work with built-in hardware components, such as scanners, cameras, payment devices, and dispensing devices. There's also an advertising platform and interactive building directory available. A management portal can be operated remotely from any device, to allow for diagnostic reports and analytics.

Meridian has provided interactive kiosks for a number of industries, which include automotive, corporate, entertainment, food, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. They also provide online resources, insights, white papers, and well as case studies and infographics.

Best for QSR

(Image credit: Redyref)

3. Redyref

Built to order interactive kiosks

Reasons to buy

Range of self-service and information kiosks
Variety of features
Software development provided

Redyref designs, builds, and supplies a wide range of interactive kiosks, from standing to wall-mounted, desk-mounted to outdoor, as well as custom QSR kiosks. They also develop their own software in house for powering the kiosks, which can be customized to provide a wide range of self-service kiosk solutions.

Their interactive kiosks are designed to cover a wide-range of industries, such as retail, food service, self-ticketing and bill payments, as well as self-service check in. They can be supplied with a number of monitor sizes, as well as biometric scanners, printers, card readers, cameras, and PIN pads. 

Once features have been selected for a kiosk, RedyRef’s in-house engineering team put together design specifications. This is followed by prototype fabrication to allow for proper testing and see if any further changes are required. Once the project moves forward again, production and deployment follows, with the kiosks being shipped to their required locations.

Redyref can also provide a range of information kiosks and self-service payment kiosks. For a quote, you will need to contact the company directly.

Best for innovative

(Image credit: LamasaTech)

4. LamasaTech

Innovative interactive kiosks

Reasons to buy

Leading provider
Innovative tech
Management solutions

LamasaTech is a world-leader when it comes to innovative kiosks, with over 11 years experience in the business of providing digital technology solutions. The company offers not just kiosks, but also video walls, touchscreen stands, LED displays and holographic displays.

LamasaTech also offers both hardware and software solutions, which can be used for anything from wayfinding, info points, and tourist kiosks, to self-service kiosks, feedback and survey kiosks, and interactive experiences.

Control and management software is provided to allow you to remotely administrate your kiosks, and LamasaTech also offers a project design and consultancy service in order to provide custom solutions for individual business needs.

Best custom

(Image credit: Advanced Kiosks)

5. Advanced Kiosks

Custom interactive kiosk hardware and software

Reasons to buy

Big range of kiosk types
Pre-installed software
VoIP option

Advanced Kiosks is a leading provider of  interactive kiosks, manufacturing both the hardware as well as the software required to run the kiosks. Based in Concord, NH, they can provide a wide range of kiosk types to choose from, such as for ticketing and retail, towers, monolith, and desk kiosks, as well as island and thru-wall kiosks. 

For the software, Advanced Kiosks provide their own in-house solution called the Zamok Software Suite, which comes pre-installed on all models and provides tools for management and hardware support, as well as integration with third party software and content as required. 

All of the kiosks can cover a wide range of functions, such as credit card capture, document scanning, printing, surveys and reviews, and can provide additional support VoIP if requested. For management purposes, there are a number of design templates available to create screen features, and notifications and alerts are built in as part of their remote management feature.

On top of phone and online ticketing support, Advanced Kiosks also provide documentation and resources on their website to provide better insights for getting the most out of your interactive kiosk.

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