Android Wear 2.0 watches from some big names in fashion are on the way

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Smartwatches are a hit-or-miss prospect for those who prefer form over function, but Movado is cooking up something for Android Wear 2.0 that should be of interest to the fashion forward.

The watch designer brand has announced the Movado Connect, a smartwatch using the latest Android wearable OS and set to launch this fall in the US, the Caribbean, Canada and the UK. 

The Movado Connect features Android Pay capability, iOS and Android compatibility, five unique customizable dials, and what the company calls a "proprietary edge-to-edge crystal design," which implies a full-screen display.

Though no images were shown of the Movado Connect, the luxury timepiece maker promises a full reveal at Baselworld 2017, a yearly worldwide watch and jewellery expo planned for the end of this month.

Two other designer brands under the Movado Group -  Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss - also announced plans to collaborate with Google on their own collections this fall, giving hope to anyone wishing smartwatches could somehow be even more luxurious. 

For fashionista futurists

Though more accustomed to statement pieces than portable electronics, Movado is no stranger to smartwatches.

The watchmaker teamed up with HP back in 2015 to create the Movado Bold Motion - a swell-looking timepiece (as seen in the image above) offset by the fact that most models in the collection cost a whopping $695 (about £460, AU$980).

It seems Movado's upcoming wearable will only be somewhat as premium as its pedigree. The Movado Connect - which will feature five different designs - starts at $495 (about £410, AU$660). 

This price veers above even some of Apple's middle-to-top tier Apple Watches - and almost twice the average Android Wear device - but is still significantly less expensive as most of Movado's previous smartwatch endeavors.

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