Android Q developer beta might launch today

Android Q, the next version of the mobile operating system, could be launching its developer preview later today, thanks to speculation over a date filter in Google’s bug tracker.

A template explaining how to file bug reports for Android Q Beta was spotted by XDA Developers Editor-in-Chief Mishaal Rahman. 

The sample (which reportedly could be found here but has since been removed) seemed to be directed at OEMs, and advises reporters to check if the issue has already been filed by clicking a link (, still working as of publication) leading to a repository – which only lists bug tickets created on or after March 11, 2019.

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Expanding beta

This comes hot on the heels of another revelation that Google will add more phone companies to the Android Q beta, as Iliyan Malchev from Google's Project Treble team said on the Android Developers Backstage podcast. 

Adding more phonemakers to the early testing process could help get their devices on newer versions of Android more rapidly. Project Treble itself is dedicated to making it easier for manufacturers to push the latest version of Android to their devices, so this seems like one move in the holistic effort to get the mobile OS’ ecosystem up-to-date more rapidly and in greater numbers.

What will come in Android Q is still a mystery, but an early dev build acquired by XDA Developers suggests a system-wide dark more, more refined permissions and Face ID-style logins could be coming with the next OS version.

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