AMD’s X570 chipset might be the first to add next-generation PCIe support

AMD X570

AMD Zen 2 processors are practically around the corner, and so is Ryzen’s next-generation X570 chipset platform, apparently.

Instead of the usual, boring optimization tweaks and efficiency increases, this rumored X570 might be the first to introduce PCIe 4.0 lanes. What’s more, the leaked slides from an internal Gigabyte briefing suggest AMD will introduce its next-generation platform at Computex 2019 – which is set to start at the end of May this year.

These rumors may inform of us of the actual release date of Ryzen 3rd Generation processor as well. According to the leaked slides, this X570 chipset will purportedly bring an all-PCIe Gen4 solution to Matisse-series processors – otherwise known as the code name for the Zen 2 architecture.

AMD X570

The jump to PCIe 4.0 is significant, as it would succeed the PCIe 3.0 standard that’s existed since 2010 and double the available bandwidth from eight gigatransfers to 16 gigatransfers. By widening the gap, we can realize the untapped potential of graphics cards and even faster solid-state drives.

It just so happens AMD Navi is also said to be the first gaming GPU to feature PCIe 4.0 connectivity.

We should hear more about AMD's prospective 7nm CPU and GPU goals from CEO Lisa Su at the company’s upcoming CES 2019 keynote. So, stay tuned for more on this front.

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