Amazon Alexa-enabled Tupperware tells you when you should probably throw out food

Ovie Alexa Tupperware

The next time you catch the scent of something rancid in your fridge, you won’t have to take whiffs of your takeout boxes to hunt down the source. Instead, just ask Alexa to sniff it for you. 

Smart tech developer Ovie launched a Kickstarter campaign today for Ovie Smarterware, a “Connected Food Storage System” that tracks in an app how long you’ve had certain foods, then notifies you when it’s probably time to dump said foods in the bin. 

When you buy food, you’ll either place it inside one of the company's 'smartware' 6-cup containers or attach a SmartTag tracking sensor to the food’s container. 

Then, you push a button on the container or sensor to sync it with the Ovie app, which will track all of the food in your fridge and how long it’s been there. 

Track how long you've had food in your fridge with an app | Credit: Ovie

Track how long you've had food in your fridge with an app | Credit: Ovie

Ovie has a set estimate on how long something like spinach will last, but you can manually change the countdown estimate if you know your farmer’s market spinach doesn’t usually last that long. 

And, as time passes, the button will slowly shift from green to yellow to red for a visual indicator of what to eat or cook next. 

The app will also send you notifications of what food to eat next, and what recipes you can make with the tracked foods in your fridge. 

Colored lights help you keep track of your food | Credit: Ovie

Colored lights help you keep track of your food | Credit: Ovie

Owners of a smart speaker with Alexa enabled will have the option to ask Alexa about their foods’ status without having to open the app or their refrigerator door. 

Using an Alexa Skill, Ovie will program your assistant to respond to questions like, “Ovie, what should I make for dinner”? 

Backing good food habits

Many people track their food purchases and eating habits, but actual smart sensors and Alexa reminders could help folks make sure they know exactly how much food they’re wasting in a given week.

Of course, these sensors don’t actually track smells or your food’s rate of decomposition. 

Using Ovie’s connected food storage system could require a lot of hands-on fiddling with estimates to figure out what food lengths actually work with the groceries you buy.

Depending on which backer perk you select, your Kickstarter kit could come with Bluetooth-enabled SmartTags, smarterware containers with a slot for SmartTags, and Universal Connectors and smart Clips that attach to boxes or bags and also have SmartTag slots. 

Right now, early bird backers can opt for the cheapest option at $60 (about £45, $80AUD). Ovie's campaign is currently almost $15,000 pledged out of a goal of $40,000. 

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