ACCC will force NBN Co to reveal more network details in revised quarterly reports


The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has announced that it's updating the amount of information it will include in its quarterly NBN wholesale reports. The updated requirements meaning more detailed data on the network and the types of connections being used will now be publicly disclosed.

The NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report was originally established in March 2016, but a review last December lead the ACCC to decide that further transparency was needed from both the Retail Service Providers (RSPs) and NBN Co.

Future reports will include information that previously wasn’t available, such as the number of NBN connections by their geographic region, network technology, speed tier, traffic class and Point of Interconnection (POI).

It will also include data on the total bandwidth capacity purchased by all of the RSPs combined, however it won’t be possible to determine how much each RSP has purchased, as the ACCC found the information to be "sensitive" and open to misinterpretation due to the differing strategies between telcos.

While the latter information won't be made public, the ACCC will continue to monitor it internally to ensure consumers won't be misled.

Harry Domanski
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