5 big things we've got left to learn about the OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8
OnePlus 8 (Image credit: Future)

The OnePlus 8T launch is coming up - it's set to occur on October 14, so very soon we'll know all about the new OnePlus phone that could be the company's last until the OnePlus 9.

Well, we already know quite a bit about the phone, as OnePlus tends to tease info about its new phones before they come out. We know screen information, battery size, and why there will be no Pro model.

Those are some pretty key pieces of information out the way, but there's still more to find out, so we've listed the five big things we don't yet know about the OnePlus 8T, that we'll find out in a few days.

If you're excited for the new phone launching, join us at TechRadar as we cover the event. It starts at 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST, or 1am AEDT on Thursday 15, and we'll have coverage running during and after the event.

1. What's the OnePlus 8T price?

OnePlus 8

OnePlus 8 (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

Perhaps the biggest piece of information for prospective buyers is the OnePlus 8T's price.

The OnePlus 8 cost $699 / £599 (around AU$1,100), and while some leaks point to the new phone costing more, specs that have been rumored suggest it could actually be a more affordable phone.

So it's up in the air how much the OnePlus 8T will cost, and it's hard to even guess right now. That's why we're so interested to find out the final price.

2. OnePlus Nord or not?

Some rumors suggest the OnePlus 8T could be unveiled alongside a new version of the OnePlus Nord, a model that's set to be more affordable and available in the US.

The OnePlus Nord isn't a one-off phone so it's almost definite there will be more devices under the name in the future, but whether any are set to land during the OnePlus 8T launch is another question.

The handset we've heard rumors of most is the 'OnePlus Nord N10 5G' which is said to be a super-affordable device, but there have been whispers of other devices that could come as well, or instead, so we don't know for sure.

OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

3. What are the camera specs?

While OnePlus often teases lots of information about its upcoming phones prior to launch, we usually have to wait for the unveiling to hear camera specs, and that's been the case with the OnePlus 8T.

While there have been some leaks, we don't know for sure if the handset will keep the 48MP main sensor of its predecessors or get an increase, possibly to 64MP or even 108MP like some Xiaomi and Samsung phones.

There's also no official word on if the phone will get a telephoto (or zoom) camera, or perhaps a macro or depth-sensing snapper instead. We'll have to wait to find out.

4. What front-facing camera solution will it have?

OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus 7T Pro (Image credit: Future)

OnePlus has gone through quite a few front-facing camera solutions over the past few years - there's the OnePlus 6T's notch, OnePlus 7 Pro's pop-up segment and the OnePlus 8's 'punch-hole' cut-out, so it seems the company varies things frequently.

We don't know which of these, if any, the OnePlus 8T will have. It's likely to be the latter, since OnePlus tends not to change these things between the main-line and T phones, but we could see it moved at least.

There's a tiny change the OnePlus 8T could have an under-display company as Oppo, OnePlus' sibling company, is known to be working on that, but we'd probably have heard leaks about it if that was the case.

5. Will it charge wirelessly?

The OnePlus 8 Pro had wireless charging, but when OnePlus announced the 8T would have 65W wired charging, the company made no mention of wireless solutions.

So could the phone skip out on the innovation its predecessor introduced? Or has the company simply not discussed it?

We'd imagine people who bought OnePlus's wireless charging stand would feel irked if the company had ditched this tech already, so hopefully it's kept it, but we can't say for certain.

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