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YoYo Tech Warbird 9550 review

No vintage aircraft here, just the choicest cuts of cutting edge technology all at an incredible price

Warbird 9550
The Warbird 9550 is the most powerful machine we've ever seen at anything like this price point

Our Verdict

This is the PC by which all others will be judged. Simply amazing performance for the cash


  • Stunning game performance
  • Excellent price
  • Great build quality


  • Some driver fears

The YoYoTech Warbird 9550 may look rather unassuming in its utilitarian Antec chassis, but don't let yourself be fooled, this is a machine designed to impress even sceptics like us.

This is mainly thanks to the ATI Radeon 4870 X2 that can be found at its core – a single card that finally manages to realise the multi-GPU dream. At least from a hardware perspective: we're still cautious about drivers, but we're guardedly optimistic even here.

Powerful gaming spec

The reason the 4870 X2 is so special is because it finally brings high-performance DX10 rendering to the higher resolutions at a reasonable price.

Just take a look at the benchmarks and consider that such top-of-the-class performance used to be accompanied by a price tag, at least, double what you have here. This rig really is the perfect accompaniment for 24-inch and bigger screens, producing smooth framerates right up to 2,560x1,600.

This isn't a one trick pony either – there's plenty of other cleverness inside the box. Take the Core 2 Quad Q9550 CPU as way of example – this is a competent slither of silicon as it is, but here it's running at a cool 3.83GHz, a full gigahertz above its standard setting. There's 4GB of DDR2 installed too, with 1TB of hard drive space for good measure.

Superb value machine

What's not to like? Well, we still have 'the fear' when it comes to multiple-GPU solutions, and sure enough we did witness a few random glitches at the start, but these sorted themselves out in a way that had us tearing up pages of benchmark results.

We couldn't help wondering what the addition of a Raptor hard drive would make either, but these are merely 'what ifs', not 'if onlys'. The only thing to really watch out for is that the OS isn't included in the price – although if you're retiring your existing machine, this actually makes sense.

Put simply, the Warbird 9550 redefines the gaming PC. It's the most powerful machine we've ever seen at anything like this price point. Whether you're looking to pay half this amount or even twice as much for a new system, you'll need a watertight argument as to why you shouldn't just buy this system. YoYoTech, we salute you.