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Scudo GN-02 review

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Scudo GN-02
This rig from Scudo is intelligently specced and sensibly priced

Our Verdict

A heavyweight machine that's built intelligently for speed and value


  • Overclocked CPU and GPU
  • Lightening Velociraptor
  • Great specs
  • Sensible price


  • Not the fastest overclocked GTX

Despite being three times the price of the YoYo Tech Spartan 300, the Scudo GN-02 shares much in the design ethos.

Both are put together with a thoroughly reasoned set of components; not the most expensive out there and not necessarily the newest, but a set of parts that definitely add up to more than their sum.

Impeccably specced

The overclocked quad-core provides the processing power, the overclocked GTX 280 provides pixel-pushing and the combination of 64-bit Vista and 4GB 800MHz DDR2 handles the memory department.

What's interesting though is, this is the first rig we've seen with a company using the Velociraptor as a system drive. At 300GB it's the largest of the Raptors out, and it's definitely the fastest.

While Windows boot time is nothing to write home about, general disk access – especially load times – were lightning fast. Usually benchmarking hardware is a nightmare of game load screens and much waiting. Thank you then, Velociraptor for making benching the Scudo a far speedier affair.

It's not just quick on the load, it's quick and easy on the eye too. The BFG card may not be the fastest OC card on the market – the Asus GTX 280 is clocked 50MHz higher across the board – but it still delivers excellent performance.

Lightning-fast gaming

In Crysis on V.high settings it was playable in resolutions up to 1,900x1,200, and managed over 20fps at 1,680x1,050 even with 4x anti-aliasing slowing things up. In World in Conflict and GRID the Scudo was managing around 30fps and 40fps at 2,560x1,600 on full whack. That's fast.

Only the mad, bad and overloaded with cash would realistically consider throwing three or four grand at a rig, and the cash-strapped are amply covered by bargain rigs, so it's good to see a machine intelligently specced at a sensible price. And the Scudo GN-02 is most definitely that.

Time for some more ridiculously high-res GRID action…

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