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Gamer Infinity Lan Party review

Cyberpower's latest is a portable powerhouse for gamers on the go

Gamer Infinity Lan Party
A great selection of components make the Gamer Infinity Lan Party a good choice for the LAN gamer

Our Verdict

A pint-sized powerhouse which shames chassis twice its size, but double-check the fans


  • Tiny footprint
  • Top notch component choice
  • Not expensive


  • Noisy

Despite space restrictions inside the NZXT Rogue chassis, it's hard to think of anything Cyberpower has left out of the Gamer Infinity Lan Party.

We've seen many small form factor games PCs in the past, but very few of them which we'd actually consider buying. This, then, is something of a first.

All CrossFire graphics, a 750GB hard drive, 4GB of low latency memory and – most importantly – a watercooled, over-clocked CPU are crammed into a chassis that is less than 50cm in every direction. It may not be the dinkiest build we've ever seen, but it's a shrunken supercomputer of incredible gaming power.

Top-notch looks

It looks good, too. The door on the front is utterly superfluous and actually gets in the way of reaching the power switch, but the 3mm aluminium panelling and clean, dark lines show off the best build quality of any small form factor chassis we've come across.

Its heavyweight appearance does justice to the very serious framerates the components inside are capable of putting out. You can admire said parts through a transparent top panel too, and marvel at the care that's been put into assembling the system inside.

There's no clutter, just neatly tied back cables and as many airy spaces as you'd expect in a case twice the size. That's not quite enough to keep all these high end, overclocked parts cool, though. Four 120mm fans spin air in from the sides, and the internal water cooler has another powerful blower to chill its liquid insides.

Noise levels

This latter is something of a problem – the review sample we received ramped up to top speed and stayed there, making it uncomfortable to stay in the same room for too long. We've been ensured by Cyberpower that retail models will have a variable speed controller for reducing the noise, but it's definitely worth double checking before you buy.

There is one other, less important, drawback to the Infinity Lan Party. Despite the size, it's actually quite hefty and weighs as much as a normally proportioned machine. It's a handy shape for sticking in the back of a car, but you wouldn't want to hike it up big staircases.

Even if it was to stay in the same spot for all its days, though, this is an exceptionally good looking and well-specced PC which will outperform any game. It's keenly priced too, so if the fans get sorted out it's a brilliant choice.